The reasons sex offenders offend essay

Either way, a list of sex offenders will still be posted to notify the community. Maybe we cannot eliminate sex offenders from our streets, but we can take better precautions. By order of the court, he cannot leave the state.

Another alternative may be to have a ban, where sex offenders cannot live within a certain radius of schools. The sex offenders must allow their parole officers to know where they live, and the parole officers must visit the sex offender regularly. Sometimes sex offenders even have jobs where they work with minors and this should be prevented to minimize the perpetuation of a reoccurring crime.

In order to protect children, we must make better efforts to notify the community in a better way. Change will not happen unless we, as a community, do something drastic to make a change happen Thoreau.

Having possession of magazines, computers, televisions, phones, or any similar item could enable the offender to have access to pornography. I was fortunate enough not to be a victim, but I could have been.

If these men can be incarcerated for doing the right thing, perhaps sex offenders can have more severe punishments for doing horrendous acts to children Thoreau, King.

Between the ages of sixteen and eighteen, a different sex offender targeted me.

Sex offenders can have a ban on how close they live to a school system, or they can be incarcerated indefinitely.

This registration is compiled into an online database, but some individuals may have difficulty accessing this information due to a lack of technology.

A polygraph may be used on the offender, if necessary. The first possibility is that sex offenders stay imprisoned indefinitely. These registries will be abundantly clear, even to those who may not have access to the existing lists.

Then, the offender will register as a child molester, and continue to do so indefinitely. In addition to notifying the potential dating or marriage partner, a sex offender must also alert family and friends of the incident. Advising the community is the first step in making this situation better.

I do not agree with the idea that sex offenders are allowed to live in communities near children. But, in my proposal, there will be more ways of warning everyone. Even though a sex offender has to register every year, he is able to continue living in the community. He is required to submit to the polygraph, as well as any drug tests that may be administered.

About this resource This Sociology essay was submitted to us by a student in order to help you with your studies. Child sex abuse is a very serious issue that we could possibly eliminate, or reduce the number of victims.

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The Washington Department of Corrections goes into further detail regarding sex offenders who live in our communities. Sex Offenders in the Community The United States government has rules in place to register the names of sex offenders, but unfortunately seems to overlook the idea of sex offenders living near children.

Yes, that is an unfortunate experience, but the children that are raped are emotionally scarred for the rest of their lives. A parole officer will make a determination of whether or not the sex offender is allowed to live in a particular location.

Perhaps, in addition to being posted online like they are now, the lists will also be given to each homeowner in a more noticeable method.

Parole officers must be notified if the sex offender moves, and the parole officer must also approve of where the offender lives.

Possible contact of the victim is one of the reasons as to why the offender cannot have a phone or a computer. There are many child molesters who, even if they do have a professional job, work near minors.

Both of these men are true inspirations as to how we can handle our disagreements in a rational manner. The public is only notified via a website they can visit if they choose, but this information should be presented to them more explicitly.

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Law enforcement can improve methods of notifying the public that there is a sex offender present. Thoreau goes on to justify his argument, saying that breaking the law can often be the only thing that changes the mindsets of individuals. Essay UK - http: A parole officer will then monitor the offender for a period of time that is determined by the court system.

Registration alone is not sufficient because having their name on list will not prevent sex offenders from committing future sexual assault.

After a person becomes known as a sex offender, he must follow precise supervision.Criminal recidivism poses a serious risk to public safety.

In the ’s, the United States passed a series of laws to counter the sex offender threat to the public. Should the names of registered sex offenders be available to the public? The state of Georgia requires the disclosure of every sex offender’s address in a given area.

Research also show that 67% of sexual assaults are victims under the age of Whichever the reason attached to the offense, sex offenders are wrong and should be judged and punished appropriately.

Both males and females of all ages have been victims of sexual offenses. In terms of judgment, there is an issue of whether serious sex offenders should be castrated or not.

- Sex Offenders The AWA or Adam Welsh Child Protection and Safety Act of asserts that it, “strengthens reporting requirements by mandating sex offenders submit information including SSN, employer and school information, fingerprints, physical description, photograph and a DNA sample” (Rogers,p.

1). Juvenile Sex Offenders Essay example Words | 11 Pages. Approximately 20% of all people charged with a sexual offense are juveniles.

Among adult sex offenders, almost 50% report that their first offense occurred during their adolescence. Despite the efforts and different programs, recidivism rate among sexual offenders reaches %. It is not a positive tendency, as it means that every 19th offender released from prison commits new sex crime within 3 years after release.

The reasons sex offenders offend essay
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