Take care of our akhlak morals

The Noble Quran mentions several good acts of morality repeatedly, for example: Without it, happiness is almost impossible. His personal life and behaviour were reflective of his teachings, which were revealed to him by Allah.

One may say, reason needs revelation to find its fulfillment. You can be that much closer to your goals. Get back on track as soon as possible. If we neglect or abuse our bodies, we suffer unpleasant consequences.

Making it a disciplined lifestyle takes motivation and commitment. Morality is derived from Divine Revelation; and only morality can help us attain the kind of spiritual uplift that can ultimately lead us to a stage of perfection, as far it is attainable.

He made it complete and integrated. Reason is mostly busy with temporal concerns; it is a means of intellectual pursuits and physical survival. Just as the worldly part of humans is fulfilled by their rational and physical faculties, their spiritual part can be guided and nourished only by revelation.

If so, how can we say that God has left us without any guidance for the attainment of our eternal life? Certainly, man needs a number of special qualities to do the will of God on earth. Our self-esteem is improved when we feel good about our bodies and like the way we look.

I hope this helps answer your question. Do not enter houses other than your own houses until you ascertain welcome and greet their inhabitants. Be patient and learn to appreciate and celebrate small victories.

Having someone to whom you can report how you are doing keeps you motivated. Indeed, it is improbable that God has left it solely to our own ingenuity to care for our spiritual life. The Islamic religion guides our morals that deal with the individual, the community, and Muslims and non-Muslims alike.


They get tired and end up having to work harder to keep themselves going. Our morals are derived from revelation rather than from reason.

From the Quranic point of view, Allah Almighty created humans as His vicegerent or ambassador khalifah on earth.

Our natural reason may help us to conclude that there is a Creator of the phenomenal world. He has fully designed and charted out all these for us.

Allah Says what means: No one has the authority to change or alter this system, even if the whole world wants to do so. Following are some tips to help you develop a healthier lifestyle: This is no way minimizes their importance; rather, it reminds us that our mental health is of vital importance to our overall health and happiness.

So their bodies get run down. The Prophet used to emphasise how important good manners are for Muslims. And God gave man these qualities, and by virtue of his freewill man needs to use these qualities to live by the commandments of God given in the Revelation and taught by the Prophets of God.

To a great extent, our daily choices are a major contributing factor to our physical and mental health.Our minds and bodies respond to the way we care for them through proper nutrition, exercise, stress management, We also have the opportunity to take good care of our minds by guarding our thought life, improving our outlook, changing negative patterns, and increasing our own overall happiness.

In other words, the foundation of good morals lies in our natural emotions and instincts, and good morals are nothing more than appropriate and controlled exercise of these naturally endowed powers and instincts.

How Ethical Can We Be?

Jul 15,  · A few years ago, Bruce Springsteen came out with a song called “We Take Care of Our Own.” The chorus’s theme seemed upbeat and proud: We take care of the people closest to us. But like in a.

morals Rules or habits of conduct, "Our moral sense dictates a clearcut preference for these societies which share with us an abiding respect for individual that is to say, it is somewhere -- and the moral and the critics can take care of themselves.

View in context. The Tale consists simply in the narration of a story either founded. Aug 08,  · Do we have a moral obligation to take care of our health? Is it moral to take care of our health?

Is it immoral to eat too much junk food, drink too. Why would a deity care about how we live our lives on this earth.

Check the answer here. Does it really make sense for God to care about human morals? Why would a deity care about how we live our lives on this earth. Would a Deity Care About Morals? Review Overview. User Rating: (1 votes) Questioner: James.

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Take care of our akhlak morals
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