Is managing a science or an art discuss

So in this way management is the combination of science and arts. Management at times is described as an art that how managerial principles can be applied in real world situations. Is management art or science? At the same time it is also a science because in management, we use theories for application.

The continuous and rapid development of management principles and practices in organization has changed the nature of management. Why management called art and science?

Specification of exact nature of management as an art or science or both is essential to specify the procedure of learning of management. Jun 27, Management is both art and science. So this feature of science is present in management.

Mar 9, Hi. The products here also arranged according to the convenience of owner. And on the contrary, I believe management is an art because just like art requires practice and experience on a continuous basis, for example, an artist can be expert in his field by creating new paintings on a continuous basis.

Management as an Art

But their efficiency depends on how well they use these principles under different situations by applying personal skills and creativity so this feature of art is also present in management.

So this feature of science is also not present in management. All the scientific principles have same effect, wherever we try them whereas effect of management principles varies from one situation to other. So presently this feature of profession is not present but very soon it will be included.

Management: Management as a Science, Arts and Profession

It is art because management is applying. Management as a science has systematized body of knowledge, notion and principles. But now many companies prefer to appoint managers only with MBA degree.

Human behavior is unpredictable; people think, act or react differently under identical circumstances. The recasting of the hypotheses with regards to certain measures as well as the operations needed to test the hypotheses; 5.

While, it is also known as a science because it focuses on the following: Peculiar abilities which you own are not held by every other person.Conclusion- Management is an Art and Science Both From the above study, we conclude that management is an art and science both.

According to American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Therefore management is a judicious blend of science as well as an art because it proves the principles and the way these principles are applied is a matter of art. Science teaches to ’know’ and art teaches to ’do’. Management is an Art or Science or both To become an effective manager, a individual needs the understanding of management principles and the skills of how to utilize the knowledge.

Lack of either will lead to inefficiency. Management: Management as a science, arts and profession! Some authors regard management as science because there are well tested and experimented principles of management, some authors describe management as an art because more practice is required in management and some authors consider that.

In my opinion, management as both science and art. Management regarded both science and art. Management is a science with a systematized body knowledge and universal application.

Management is an art it requires specific skill.

Talk:Is Management a Science or an Art

Management combines features of both science as well as art. It is considered as a science because it has an organized body of knowledge which contains certain universal truth. It is called an art because managing requires certain skills which are personal possessions of managers.

Is managing a science or an art discuss
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