General electric business planning grid

So weak companies do badly for the opposite reasons. Rather than serving as the primary tool for resource allocation, portfolio matrices are better suited to displaying a quick synopsis of the strategic business units. Now follow the usual words of caution that go with all boxes, models and matrices.

Three — Decide on the factors that position the business on the GE matrix. However, problems or limitations include: Strategic Implications Resource allocation recommendations can be made to grow, hold, or harvest a strategic business unit based on its position on the matrix as follows: The GE matrix offers a broad strategy and does not indicate how best to implement it.

The tip of the arrow indicates the future position of the center point of the circle. There is no research to prove that there is a relationship between market attractiveness and business position. At this stage the marketing manager adapts the list above to the needs of his strategy.

There are strategy variations within these three groups. The GE Business Screen introduces a three by three matrix, which now includes a medium category.

While the GE business screen represents an improvement over the more simple BCG growth-share matrix, it still presents a somewhat limited view by not considering interactions among the business units and by neglecting to address the core competencies leading to value creation.

The arrow in the upward left direction indicates that the business unit is projected to gain strength relative to competitors, and that the business unit is in an industry that is projected to become more attractive.

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There is no hard and fast rule on how to weight elements. Market size is represented by the size of the circle. Five — Finally rank each SBU as either low, medium or high for business strength, and low, medium and high in relation to market attractiveness.

Quality of products and services. Market share is shown by using the circle as a pie chart. For example, within the harvest group the firm would be inclined to quickly divest itself of a weak business in an unattractive industry, whereas it might perform a phased harvest of an average business unit in the same industry.

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Two — Answer the question, What makes this market so attractive? To help break down decision-making further, you then consider a number of sub-criteria: This approach does require extensive data gathering.

The expected future position of the circle is portrayed by means of an arrow. View all posts by Tim Friesner Posted on. Four — Determine the best ways to measure attractiveness and business position.

The following is an example of such a representation: The GE matrix has 5 steps: Plotting the Information Each business unit can be portrayed as a circle plotted on the matrix, with the information conveyed as follows: Branding and promotions success.

Harvest weak business units in unattractive industries, average business units in unattractive industries, and weak business units in average industries. Hold average businesses in average industries, strong businesses in weak industries, and weak business in attractive industies. Grow strong business units in attractive industries, average business units in attractive industries, and strong business units in average industries.Explore GE imagination at work.

Learn how GE innovation builds, powers, moves & cures the world. We're changing the world one idea at a time.

general electric’s strategic planning grid? General Electric Net Worth is $ Billion. What is General Electrics net worth? General Electrics net worth is $ billion.

Like many major corporations, General Electric Company, also known GE, was formed from the merger of two smaller compa. We do that by zealously maintaining our culture and values - and by engaging in constructive dialogues everywhere we do business." John Flannery, Chairman and CEO, GE Featured Careers.

GE / McKinsey Matrix. In consulting engagements with General Electric in the 's, McKinsey & Company developed a nine-cell portfolio matrix as a tool for screening GE's large portfolio of strategic business units (SBU).

Learn about General Electric's Executives, responsible for leading the company's global strategy, research, culture, and fueling GE's business needs. All of our Executives are working towards a better GE and a better world. GE's Grid Solutions business serves customers globally with over 17, employees in approximately 80 countries.

Grid Solutions helps enable utilities and industry to effectively manage electricity from the point of generation to the point of consumption, helping to maximize the reliability, efficiency and resiliency of .

General electric business planning grid
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