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The acceleration not only challenges the predominant role eth master thesis databases momentum, arguably the most studied financial anomaly, but also provides supporting evidence for the ubiquity of transient positive feedbacks influencing the price formation process.

E-voting is a hot topic, robust detection of potential manipulation is key to ever get e-voting from testing to full deployment. Then, we conduct a study on the Bayes-Nash approach.

But the bitcoin phenomena are likely to be much richer in their diffusion properties, occurring at the scale of the whole Earth, and organised through social groups.

Using this approach, we can compare the correlated equilibrium of different payment rules under several criteria. At the danger of being simplistic but for illustrative purposes, bitcoin trading may be dominated by Chineses at some time, then Japanese take over, then Koreans, etc.

A recent and popular book "The New Jim Crow Mass Incarceration in the Age of Color blindness" by Michelle Alexander, makes the case that anti-black racism was introduced in the US as a means to stifle global preferences against inequality, prompting people to accept a less just system than they would have otherwise.

The modification of k-means using Shape-Based distance and a related centroid function returns the best partitions, based on internal evaluation indexes, namely Average Silhouette Width and COP Index. Comparative analysis between the Panic of and the Financial Crisis of The financial crisis ofwhich is widely believed to have been triggered by a decline in the US housing market, caught many speculators, investors and financial professionals off guard.

Other data sets will be also investigated. The full integration of a data assimilation method to the LPPLS methodology is expected to advance significantly the existing diagnostics of bubbles and crashes and serve as the new engine powering a future generation of the Financial Crisis Observatory at ETH Zurich http: These ideas are to be tested in simulations of an agent-based model that generalises [1,2].

Agent-based model of in-group preference of human cooperation and strong reciprocity In [1,2], we showed that experiments performed in the group of E. It is well-known that the standard Markowitz portfolio optimisation leads to over-concentration on a few assets, in contradiction with the need for diversification, especially in the presence of return uncertainties.

The goal of this master is to revisit and enrich the seminal study of R. Our current study [1,2] showed that the system converged toward a stable level of "disadvantageous inequity aversion" and the goal now is toexplore whether this stability is threatened by in-group bias.

Consider different human cultures: Thus, to understand their properties, we must study them at equilibrium instead of at truth. The first step is the identification of events as peaks on time series describing the numbers of tweets published with specified hashtags, hence this problem falls in the area of anomaly detection.

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Mar Abstract Twitter represents an invaluable source of data that can be explored for the analysis of events triggering discussion among users. Below an overview of labs offering semester project and master thesis by specialization: Grid and generator data are provided by the IEEE test systems.

Hence, it is not realistic to assume that bidders have access to full information to compute their equilibrium strategy.

The master thesis will be co-supervised by Prof. The causality is often not clear.The "Master Thesis Evaluation Form" (see above link) is used for the final grading of the Master thesis.

The Master theses are kept for two years in the D-BIOL Student Administration Office. Master’s exam. ETH Zurich. Department of Biology.

Prospective Master's degree students The Master’s programmes at ETH Zurich provide more in-depth and/or specialist knowledge and lead to a degree that qualifies students for a profession.

Research is an integral part of the course. they write their first piece of independent research work in the form of the Master’s thesis.

This is not a complete list as it only contains those theses that have been uploaded to the ETH E-Collection database by the recipients. PDF copies of these theses can be downloaded by following the E-Citations link.

Master Thesis, Zürich, ETH-Zürich, DOI Research Collection. Design of the control algorithm for a digital Mass Flow.

Open Master's Thesis Positions Main content On this page you will find a selection of possible Master Thesis opportunities, some notified to us directly by the research groups of MEST Tutors and some listed on the SiROP database.

Master thesis must be completed within the specified time. You must plan in advanced if you wish to receive your credit points on time to apply for your Diploma Degree Request. Additional Information. The prize will be awarded at the Master's degree graduation ceremony.

The list will be continually updated.

Eth master thesis databases
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