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The concept of a "war on terror" is difficult to explain because terrorism is a tactic, not a definable group of people. The dominating policy given to the terrorists by the hidden elements has been to create harassment, uproar and sense of insecurity among the people.

This War on Terror really is a War on Freedom. This erosion of freedom has led to a heightened level of fear and security towards terrorists and the American homeland, and has deepened divisions between different cultures, mostly hate felt towards those of Islamic origin.

Some have even gone so far as to say the War on Terror has led to what could be described as a War on Freedom. Once elected, Obama referred to the ongoing struggle as the "Overseas Contingency Operation. There are a few former world leaders who started the War on Terror, and many organizations that have responded to the reaction of global terrorism, but, above all, the War on Terror has taken away our rights as humans.

The views of both the above scholars have further created an alarming feeling among the European people and such views will certainly have fatal feelings among the immigrants As a matter of fact the term of international terrorism came up as a soaring issue in s.

Others claim this is just common hatred, others would tell you to look at the number of anti-Jewish hate crimes ina number that exceeds one thousand FBI. They resort to this tactics as a last step to achieve their aim, when they feel that the concerned rulers show resistance to their demands.

They also claimed that, far from the original goals, the war has made people more fearful, as well as deepening divisions between people of different faiths and origins.

Amnesty International has also claimed that the War on Terror is really a War on Freedom, this claim supported by their ideals of human rights, and the fact that the main forces in the War on Terror are totally ignoring human rights.

The Department of Essays on world terror Security was created only for the task of counter-terrorism. In six years, the number of reported anti-Islamic hate crimes has quintupled, from twenty-eight incidents in to one hundred fifty-six inand victims of hate were Islamic inout of a total of 9, victims FBI.

This War on Terror has taken its toll on human rights, and this war looks like it will now be won by which side takes away more freedom from the people.

And as the past history proves we have been following these injunctions of the Quran in letter and spirit. The terrorists hale this nomenclature for themselves because they justify their actions and strategy to fight against oppression and injustice.

As for Pakistan, it is quite necessary that the religious extremist be bridled more tightly to eradicate this menace.

In this way the global terrorism has now become institutionalized. This was a reply to a statement Bush made to a graduating class from West Point Military Academy. Also, unlike past American wars against distinct groups or nations, the war on terror relies on people agreeing on what defines terror itself.

On the other side Mr. With the advancement of science and technology like easy availability of weapons and explosives both via open market or through the underworld, television and communication devices as well as increasing trend of air traveling are some of the major causes of mushrooming of terrorist activities.

This however is a satisfying note that they have not been able to attack nuclear reactors maybe because of their limited knowledge of this device so far.

Unfortunately the freedom struggle by the frustrated elements of some of the countries including Palestinian Arabs after the Arab Israel war inthe war in Vietnam which created a sense of reaction against the govt.

The root cause of the trouble and crises is in Middle East as well as the Arab word as a whole. View Full Essay Words: The heart of every compatriot and Islam loving person weeps when he is labeled as terrorist by the so called civilized nations of the Europe.

There are certain groups who try to encash the events unnecessarily without having involvement therein. As we all now the disclosure of nuclear underworld has put every one an alarming situation with reference to terrorism.Access to overcomplete essays and term papers; corporations, and media enterprises.

Terrorism that occurs throughout the world is known as global terrorism. It is probably the worst type of crime that ever exists. Not only does it kill people, it destroys livelihoods, economies, and civilized world order that took millennia to form /5(11).

Sep 08,  · Introduction The War on Terror was started by the events of September 11th, and july 7th, Since then the foreign policy of the US and UK has. The Civil War, World War II, and even the Vietnam War or Conflict designates our determination to give the lives of soldiers and spill the blood of the enemy to maintain our freedom.

[tags: President Bush's War on Terror] Powerful Essays words (8 pages). With the aid of the present day media, acts of terrorism are now becoming designed to grasp the attention of the entire world and compel a terrorist organization's message into the spotlight for the whole world to look at.

War On Terror Essays: OverWar On Terror Essays, War On Terror Term Papers, War On Terror Research Paper, Book Reports. It is in practice since the known recorded history of the world in one way or the other.

The terrorists hale this nomenclature. Essay Topics; Recent Essays; Contact us; Essay: Terrorism With Its Global Impact. The term terrorism is not new. It is in practice since the known recorded history of the world in one way or the other.

Essays on world terror
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