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The brain contains many chambers, ones that trigger memories, hunger, sexual arousal, and so forth. How did the United States become its own county? The nature of evil How is it possible for God to be good in a world full of evil?

This is such because he loves himself. Hsun Tzu makes an important distinction as to why "conscious activity" brings an ultimate good with an analogy, "ice is made of water but it is colder than water ever is" Hsun Tzu also emphasized self-improvement through "conscious activity"but Lao Tzu believed that the ideal human "disregards himself" Lao Tzu, 7 and "does not want to be anything for himself" In contrast, Moltmann suggests that suffering is a reality and suffering is an opportunity to understand God better.

This love for himself is makes him selfish and selfishness makes him evil.

Man’s Nature is Evil – Hsun Tzuu Essay

Yes the cave men killed the animals to eat and rule supreme, the colonists killed the British for independence, and the west was won by killing Indians and their life source, the buffalo. Some would argue that past experience had molded him to hate the imperfect people, however there is much proof that it was beyond just life experiences.

If they were originally good in nature then man would have been naturally respectful to others therefore his nature is what we call the opposite of good. For hundreds of years dictators have ruled over people treating them harshly and unfairly.

Monarchies, democracies, and other bureaucracies can be corrupt and unfair to the people they control. He held absolute esteem for "completeness and purity" 22 and held such a strict definition of completeness that he believed "he who misses one shot in a hundred cannot be called a really good archer" He acknowledges the challenge of believing in a good God given a world full of suffering innocents.

Democracies are supposed to be fair and even for everyone because everyone gets a chance to vote for who they want to lead them. Governments all around the world have invented laws and regulations to subjugate people. How did the human race surpass all other life forms on earth to be the top of the food chain?

For Pannenberg, all human beings have the freedom to fulfill their human destiny in a positive or a negative fashion.

The Nature of Evil

Dictators are an example of humans being evil by nature, but a dictatorship is not the only form of government that can be evil. If a man is originally good in his true nature then there is no way that he can get derailed from his true nature. In his view, such a transformation requires an aspiration to perfection and completeness.

Hsun Tzu does admit that humans have some inherent good in them: Human nature, not life occurrences, drove him to destroy those inferior and made him the twist leader he is now famed to be. Evil human nature has driven people to kill, and killing has become a way of establishing dominance.

Through resurrection in a…. Adolph Hitler, almost single handedly, killed off hundreds of thousands of Jews, and so-called imperfect people in Germany during the s.

Are Humans Good or Evil?

Hobbes was an educated man who used examples of past events to prove that humans are by nature evil.Human Nature Human Nature: Good or EvilAfter reading Mencius essay “Mans Nature is Good” and Hsun Tzu’s essay “Mans Nature is Evil” It made me realize that men are shaped by experience.

People are born with a blank mind with a desire of some knowledge. Much of what we learn affects our behavior. The Nature of Evil This Essay The Nature of Evil and other 64,+ term papers, college essay examples and free essays are available now on Autor: review • November 14, • Essay • 1, Words (5 Pages) • 1, Views4/4(1).

A psychologist named Freud has even given this evil nature a name: the Id. "According to Freud, the source of instinctual energy, which works on the pleasure principle and is concerned with immediate gratification" is the Id (Huffman ).

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In the Emergence, it occurs between all the creatures, in Lodge-Boy and Thrown-Away, it is a struggle between humans and all in nature, and in The Woman who fell from the Sky, it is between two humans, one good and one evil.4/4(1).

Essay on Evil and Human Nature Words | 6 Pages. Garder’s Grendel _____ The topic of evil and from where it originates is one that cannot be proven through factual evidence, and so rather is a notion that exists only in the thoughts of each individual, allowing him or her to possess unique beliefs that affect the way he or she lives.

Thomas Hobbes stated in his book Leviathan that humans are by nature evil. People are greedy and selfish, and life is nasty, short, and brutal/5(1).

Essays on nature of evil
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