Effects of accent on listening skill

Then, we instructed them carefully about test and asked whether they had meeting confused or not. Some says yes, some says no.

Last but not least, we would suggest some further research based on our work for others who have interests in this topic. That is the time they realize how important of studying accents in practice listening skill.

Therefore, in comparison, we found that the t-value was significant mailer than the critical value while the p-value was considerably higher than 0. Since there is the illustration that there are no differences AH and BE accents so that students usually Just studied one kind of English and did not pay attention to the other.

Strengths and weaknesses of the experiment Our experiment first strengths and also its weaknesses is Effects of accent on listening skill participant. We believed that they can master the entire high-level English test.

First group listened to British accent and another listened to American accent of the same test content. Based on the data analysis and all statistic data, the answer is there is no difference between the effect of British and American accents on listening skill.

The next question wanted the participants give opinion on whether it is difficult to study both question or not. There were some reasons for this result. For part 1 of the pre-test, they had listen to 8 conversations and answer 8 multiple choice questions related to each dialogue.

First was the British accent; next was the American one. In fact, there are some students admit that, although they can get high score when listening to American accents but when it turns to British accents with the same records, some words they cannot recognize.

The t-test is the statistical test used to find the differences between two groups mean and average score. However, they seem to neglect the accent factor in listening skill. We also provided a person who was in charge of taking care of them in the outside. After that, students must fulfill a questionnaire containing six questions about comprehension capability, preferable, prestigious and familiar level between two accents.

We found that for some students, different accents do have effects on their listening skill but maybe, other factors are more important when studying. Participants Our test was listening tests for upper level English students and English department of HICCUP is the biggest department so we chose to select students from this department.

There were 14 males and 6 females in the British group and 12 males and 8 females in the American group. In the world, many people believe that BE accent is the standard English and student should learn it instead of other accents. The first is 72 Iraqi senior students from Department of English, of the College of Education at the University of Bash studying English for at least 12 years at school.

Furthermore, some distractions on the test day also affected the results. The first question was about the choice of accent students have been studying and using. There are two hypotheses that may come out after our test, I called them hypothesis O and hypothesis 1: Because students have better concentration in the early time of day so we conducted our research in the morning.

A study of accent preferences of an Australia university found that the students studying English prefer both BE and AH over other non-native speakers accent Dalton-puffer, Coalescence, Simi, This test is a helpful test for those who want to improve listening skill in Europe standard.

This was the test to figure out the effects of AH and BE accent of listening skill so we provided a listening test with two audios which had the same content but were spoken into two accents. Post-test This table 1 below showed us the meaner and standard deviation SD from the post test scores of British accent listeners and American accent listeners.

BE or AH that they preferred, they used in teaching and their reasons for heir choices. Just the same as the pre-test. When finishing the first part, they have 30 seconds to overview the close test in part 2. It was included 2 parts:the effects of accents on listening comprehension and exploring the attitudes towards including a variety of accents as listening input would shed some light on the issues of the test usefulness and authenticity.

The implications of the findings would be useful for listening test material developers and English as a second (ESL) teachers. Request PDF on ResearchGate | Effects of Strength of Accent on an L2 Interactive Lecture Listening Comprehension Test | This article reports on a study which aimed to determine the effect of.

Tests of ESL listening comprehension attempt to sample from language that reflects what examinees will be expected to comprehend in the relevant contexts, but most listening tests do not address the fact that accented English is a normal part of ESL listening.

AH and BE accents have different effects on listening skill On contrary, there are a lot of studies and definitions about the idea that AH and BE accents have different effects on listening skill. A study showed that 70% the Greek adult learners preferred to learn BE more than AH (Promoted, ).

effects of nonnative accents on listening comprehension Ferenc Bunta is a PhD student in the Department of Speech and Hearing Science at Arizona State University. Effects of Accent on Listening Skill Thảo P. L. Trần University of Education English Department Lecturer: Trang X.

Effects of Accent on Listening Skill

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Effects of accent on listening skill
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