Centripetal acceleration lab essay

During this part, the movement of the string was not perfectly horizontal and had some meander patterns. Click the XY cross-hair button at the top of the graph. In order to evaluate this relationship, the constant of proportionality of Graph Centripetal acceleration lab essay must be determined.

We will write a custom essay sample on Physics Lab Report Centripetal Force or any similar topic only for you. The Photogate is a Smart Pulley with the wheel removed. Then record the mean velocity in the table above use the S button.

In order to find the constant of proportionality, Centripetal acceleration lab essay slope of the line of best fit must be used. Please re-assemble the Smart Pulley at the end.

The accuracy of the experimental results can be improved by the following suggestions: There may be miscounting in the number of circulations, because the time for 50 revolutions is quite long and students may be distracted.

By improving all the systematic errors stated above, there is a much higher chance of getting the experimental constant to be closer to the theoretical constant value.

Further experiments can be carried out beyond this range to increase the accuracy. Attempting a few trials before the actual experiment can be helpful in order to cause a reduction in this error.

To find the other constant value, which is the Theoretical Value, the equation of found in the hypothesis must be used. This error cannot be completely perfected but can be improved. This percentage can be used to conclude the efficiency for this part of the experiment.

The radius of the circular motion and thus the length of nylon string L cannot be kept constant throughout the circular motion because there may be a variance of the force applied to keep the paper marker on the level of glass tube.

A certain value on the Newton Spring scale was required on each trial, but however due to irregularities in the path discussed in point 1 ; the centripetal force values were not perfectly constant throughout the experiment.

It should not be hitting the photogate nor wobbling. Therefore the experimental relationships agree with the theoretical predictions made during the hypothesis.Centripetal Acceleration Experiment # 7 Abstract In this experiment we studied the centripetal acceleration of an object while it was moving in a constant circular motion.

Centripetal Force Lab Purpose: 1. To study the nature of Centripetal Force 2.

Physics Lab Report Centripetal Force

To measure the relationship between Centripetal Force, mass, and velocity The force causing the centripetal acceleration, the centripetal force, must obey Newton’s Second Law: Calculate and record the centripetal speed and the centripetal force.

Compare the. Physics Lab Report Centripetal Force Centripetal force F is the net force causing the centripetal acceleration of an object performing uniform circular motion.

Centripetal Acceleration Lab Essay Sample

Its. Centripetal Force Lab Saddleback College Physics Department, adapted from PASCO Scientific 1. Purpose the actual centripetal force by multiplying the hanging mass (+ weight hanger) by the gravitational acceleration constant, g, and record this value.


Calculate the square of the period for each radius and record. Using eqn (1) from above. Read this essay on Centripetal Force Lab. Come browse our large digital warehouse of free sample essays.

Get the knowledge you need in order to pass your classes and more. Only at mi-centre.com". Centripetal Acceleration Lab by Tom Blum. PYL Centripetal Acceleration The magnitude of centripetal acceleration is given by a centripetal = v 2 /r. Thus at the bottom of the swing, the net force (Tension - Weight) is responsible for the centripetal acceleration.

Centripetal acceleration lab essay
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