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One of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Alexander Hamilton is best known Alexander hamilton research papers the principal author of the classic work on constitutional government, The Federalist In addition, in his capacity as Secretary of the Treasury, Hamilton wrote a series of important and influential reports.

Alexander Hamilton expresses his pleasure that General Gates is to be removed and succeeded by General Greene in the South. This meeting should have decided an issue about the barriers that limited trade or commerce between the largely independent states under the Articles of Confederation.

However, he possessed a commanding knowledge of French, due to the teaching of his late mother. Throughout his life Hamilton was a prolific pamphleteer; under a variety of pseudonyms—Publius, Phocion, Catullus, Tully, Pacificus, Lucius Crassus—he used the press to engage in vigorous political argument.

Alexander Hamilton Research Paper

While on this post, he eliminated the currency chaos, set up a dollar as the main monetary unit and provided coinage of gold and silver dollars in correlation An item list for the papers is available in the repository. Alexander Hamilton writes that he hopes to receive certain statements he requested.

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After three months of intensive study of the law in Albany, New York, Hamilton was admitted to the bar in July of This is evidenced by a letter written to his friend Edward Stevens at the age of fourteen on Nov.

Just visit our website and fill in the order form with all research paper details: At twenty-seven, with the Revolutionary War over, Hamilton began a non-military career.

Alexander Hamilton writes about a visit from Mr. But unfortunately, the convention did not give any results, because commissioners of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and North Carolina failed to arrive in Annapolis in time, and Connecticut, Maryland, South Carolina and Georgia had taken no action at all.

He wrote his first essay about the hurricane that destroyed Christiansted on August 30, In the letter, Alexander Hamilton writes: In the Samuel Weiselberg Autographs Collection, n.

Alexander Hamilton

To this day, his importance remains unsurpassed in the areas of sharp finance, principled politics, romantic scandal, hard work, intellectual acuteness, and bravery. Benjamin Fletcher Wright Cambridge:Alexander Hamilton () was a Founding Father, soldier, lawyer and statesman.

He served as the first United States Secretary of the Treasury from to The Alexander Hamilton papers, datedprimarily consist of letters and documents either written or signed by Alexander Hamilton, and pertain to his career. Alexander Hamilton (?) American statesman and essayist.

One of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America, Alexander Hamilton is best known as the principal author of the classic work on constitutional government, The.

Alexander Hamilton’s First Federalist Paper - Alexander Hamilton’s First Federalist Paper Alexander Hamilton’s first Federalist Paper endorses ratification of the proposed.

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Alexander Hamilton term papers available at, the largest free term paper community. About the Papers of Alexander Hamilton. InColumbia University and its University Press created a project to collect, edit, and publish the written records of the life of Alexander Hamilton, America’s first Treasury secretary and one of the most important architects of the new nation.

Alexander hamilton research papers
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