A overview of 2001 presidential inauguration protest

He was sworn in by Chief Justice William H. Harding appointed Taft -- who earlier served as a Federal circuit judge and as U. Washington Post writer David Montgomery described it this way: First inaugural ball The first ever inaugural ball took place the evening after James Madison was sworn in on March 4, Capitol, March 4, Protesters shook the bleachers with cheers when an audiotaped message from Abu-Jamal called on them to "organize a revolutionary movement.

Library of Congress Eisenhower also made history at his first inauguration by breaking precedent and reciting his own prayer after taking the oath, rather than kissing the Bible.

The banking industry was failing and millions of Americans were out of work. Biden personally selected Sotomayor for the job. Protesters drowned out their patriotic tunes with chants of "Free Mumia, jail Bush" and "Racist, sexist, anti-gay--George Bush, go away! The main focus there was fighting racist disenfranchisement and stopping the legal lynching of Black political prisoner Abu-Jamal.

First inauguration of George W. Bush

At 8, words, Harrison delivered the longest-ever presidential inaugural address. A popular chant of the anti-globalization movement caught on as long-time activists and first-time protesters demanded their right to be seen and heard. Organizer Malik Zulu Shabazz, explaining why many in his group wore helmets and other protective gear, pointed to the police and said, "We are not among friends.

Scroll through the following slides for a look at other history-making moments at U. The ceremony, on March 4,fell on an overcast day with cold winds, according to the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies.

First openly LGBT group invited President Obama, who later became the first president to support same-sex marriage, invited the Lesbian and Gay Band Association to participate in his inaugural parade. On March 4,he administered the oath of office to Calvin Coolidge, making Taft the first former president to deliver the oath.

The corporate-dominated media tried to downplay or ignore the historic turnout. Speeding limos The afternoon wore on.

They included supporters of Democratic candidate Al Gore as well as more radical forces. Rehnquist, one of five Supreme Court justices who awarded Bush the presidency by stopping the Florida vote recount.

Protests at the inaugural parade Protesters gathered in the streets of Washington on Jan. The multi-millionaire cabinet Bush appointed, and his reputation in Texas as "Gov. Truman Library and Museum. But the international press saw the protests as a sign that U.

Inauguration Day protests through history

In this photo, President Lincoln is shown delivering his inaugural address on the east portico of the U. The Washington Post acknowledged that on northern blocks of Pennsylvania Ave. Inaugural ball cancelled InWoodrow Wilson suspended the Inaugural ball for the first time since Taft served as president from Many were students and workers who had never joined a demonstration before.

As the damp chill of rain and sleet set in, 1, demonstrators seized the raft of bleachers that had been erected on the plaza for Bush supporters. Advancing in military formation with nightsticks swinging, the police stopped just short of the front line of protesters.

Several activists were seriously hurt. At 14th and K streets police attacked the marchers with clubs and tear gas. The Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies says Wilson thought the ball would be inappropriate for the solemn occasion. When they finally moved, it was to race by Freedom Plaza as quickly as possible.

It was viewed by 10 million Americans, making it the most-watched event in history, according to the Harry S. The government attempt to disorganize and repress the protests led to checkpoints being set up in Washington for the first time in U.Making history at presidential inaugurations.

Making history at presidential inaugurations

4 / Back Next. Back. Next.to demonstrate against George W. Bush's inauguration. She Founded: Sep 18, The New York Red Front holds a demonstration followed by a two-mile parade gather in Union Square to protest Roosevelt's inauguration on March 4 in New York City, New York, U.S.

21/21 SLIDES SHARE. Sunday Morning News Bush Inauguration Marked by Protests Aired January 21, - a.m. ET The biggest protest in 32 years marked President Bush's inauguration and thousands of protesters.

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Bush mi-centre.com 2, ×. Mass protests confront Bush at inauguration He was referring to the unprecedented police/government attempt to suppress the right to protest at the inauguration. "From these $50 perches, as shocked members of the Presidential Inaugural Committee looked on, the protesters chanted: 'George Bush, racist murderer!'".

Jan 21,  · January 21, am (UTC) Not since Richard Nixon paraded down Pennsylvania Avenue in has a presidential Inauguration drawn so many protesters -- and last time, people were out to protest.

A overview of 2001 presidential inauguration protest
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