A discovery of a lifetime in denise levertovs poem the secret

We organized secret clubs, we found secret treasures, we had secret places to play; we never had the secret of life, though. From toshe taught at Stanford University. She died of complications due to lymphoma on December 20, While Levertov has never called herself a feminist, her work insists on the place of politics in personal life and in poetry ; her volumes during the Vietnam War first opened her work to the ongoing controversy of whether or not politics can make good poems.

She wrote her first book, The Double Image, while she was between the ages of seventeen and twenty-one. After skimming through the poem, I was interested by the short verses and numerous stanzas, wondering how they could possibly come together to form a cohesive piece. She was poetry editor of The Nation magazine in and from to He wrote throughout his life about connections between Judaism and Christianity and welcomed Jews at liturgies at St.

Perhaps there is no true meaning to the piece— as readers, we should not always rely on the poet to reveal the meaning behind their poetry. After her move to the U. She loves the girls for their hope and ambition to find something worthwhile in, or about, life. Oxford University Press, With the publication of her first American book, Here and Nowshe became an important voice in the American avant-garde.

Their son Nickolai was born in She received a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts in Her latest concerns include the potential for nuclear devastation and the situation in El Salvador.

She moved away from the fixed forms of English practice, developing an open, experimental style. Neither the passive nor the active must dominate, they must work in conjunction as in a marriage. A nurse in wartime London, in she published her first volume of poems in thoroughly English, neo-Romantic vein.

Her poetry is of the mental and spiritual eye, however, and not primarily a poetry of phanopoeia or visual image.

Her poetry seeks instress or the apperception of inscape not only of natural objects but of emotional and intellectual experience as well. After all, it is true that human nature is constantly seeking reasons to live, and finding inspiration for this solution from anywhere.

Levertov has published some fifteen volumes of poetry, including the broadly representative Selected Poems Newcastle upon Tyne, and Breathing the Water New York, ; Newcastle upon Tyne, She taught part-time at the University of Washington and continued as a full professor at Stanford University for the first quarter of each year as she had been doing since Some of her work was published in the s in the Black Mountain Review.

New Poems Poems They had "preoccupations which gave them a basic kinship had they known one another and had [they] been able to cross the barriers of religious prejudice" Apr 16,  · The Secret by Denise Levertov.

as well as the source of discovery, and explains her strong affection for these girls due a variety of reasons. In my opinion, this poem is extremely vague.

While it may seem like Levertov is simply relaying a story about two girls who discover a mysterious ‘secret’, there are many possible.

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It is not a specific discovery about what a line of a poem was trying to say. potent relationship to poetry itself that can lead to a lifetime.

The Secret - Two girls discover. Two girls discover. Two girls discover The Letters of Denise Levertov and William Carlos Williams () Tesserae more than a week later, they have forgotten the secret, the line, the name of the poem.

I love them for finding what I can't find, and for loving me for the line I wrote, and for forgetting. Oct 17,  · The Secret by Denise Levertov Levertov seems to be describing the "discovery" of a secret which, like so many others, is found by the naïve mind of a child.

To me, this is a poem about the optimism of the author when she sees the potential in the dreams and desires of a future generation, and the innocence of said generation.

Joan F. Hallisey. Denise Levertov, one of the twentieth-century’s foremost American poets, was born in Ilford, Essex, England, in She was privately educated and served as a nurse in London during World War II.

She emigrated to America in after she married Mitchell Goodman. The Secret by Denise mi-centre.com girls discover the secret of life in a sudden line of poetry.

What is the secret referred to in

I who dont know the secret wrote the line. 3/5(4).

A discovery of a lifetime in denise levertovs poem the secret
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